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PRICE DROP: Peter Horobin Grande dressage saddle

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Last Updated: Oct 8-11:48

Price: $1,400 AUD


PRICE DROP: Peter Horobin Grande dressage saddle: Peter Horobin Grande dressage saddle.

-17 inch Havana brown.
- With the Flair system (also seen in Wow saddles - more info below).
- Fully mounted with PH diamond leather girth, brown leather stirrup leathers and stainless steel irons.
- Excellent condition, no damage or marks other than standard wear from riding.

Lovely looking saddle, often gets comments from others on how nice it is. Sad sale due to being too small for me at almost 6ft tall. Priced to sell at $1800. Please PM for more photos. Can be viewed at Little River, Vic.

More from the PH website;

- Made from german leather
- Deep seat
- Adjustable Flair panels
- Adjustable gullet
- Medium sized knee rolls.

Flair® is like no other saddle product on the market. It is revolutionary.

Flair® is a system of air bags designed to replace the flocking in all conventional saddles, new or secondhand, to provide a soft, flexible and even bearing surface without pressure points.

Fitting air bags does not require any modification to the saddle, its appearance will not change. Once fitted, Flair air bags do not need adjustment or special maintenance unless your horse changes shape. Then simple adjustment by your saddler is all that is required. Some horses develop muscle rapidly with the Flair system and have outgrown their tree size.

Flair® gives your saddle a constant flexible layer of shock absorbing air as thick as your saddle’s panel.

Flair® increases the sensitivity to aides from your lower back and seat. By removing any saddle discomfort the horse can clearly focus on your aids.

There is nothing softer than Flair®.

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