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City: Melbourne

State: VIC

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Hi Form Australia
The Science of Natural Health

The Hi Form Story

Hi Form Australia is an independent, wholly Australian owned family business, founded in 1990 by Equine Nutritional Therapist and Medical Herbalist Antoinette Foster. Since 1990 Hi Form has continued to produce the most exceptional, highly effective natural products available today, always moving with the times using continual advancements in science and natural medicine. No compromises, no shortcuts, using only oral grade ingredients (for human consumption) comprising organic herb extracts, amino acids, vitamins, mineral tissue salts and trace elements.
Hi Form produces true natural therapy formulas for your most favourite equine. We are horse owners too and it is a privilege and an honour to be entrusted with the responsibility of assisting horse owners all over the world. For FREE nutrition advice please contact us on 1300 443 676

The Power of Natural Therapy

It seems that medical research now has technology and understanding in their possession to fully appreciate the value of natural therapies. In actual fact many natural therapies have been improved or altered through scientific research paving the way for the medicine of the future. There is no doubt that there is a great appreciation of the healing power of nature Natural therapy is targeted either at the health of the horse, illness and/or healing. It must have an effect that promotes the health and wellness of the horse. There are variations to how and in which way an approach is made to the treatment and management of certain conditions in horses. Natural therapy is slow acting, is quite simple and generally quite inexpensive in comparison to conventional treatment. It is slow acting because it relies on the body’s own healing abilities. Natural therapy is generally the first choice made due to its safety, simple way of treating and a high level of results.
Equine diets that are in balanced are generally always corrected first prior to recommending a treatment or management programme. It is important to ensure that the horse’s diet is well balanced and suitable for each individual. Once the diet is brought back into balance all natural therapy treatments generally achieve a higher success rate. The type of combination natural therapy that Hi Form uses is based on mineral tissue salts, organic herb extracts, vitamins, trace elements and amino acids, with each formula working synergistically. Hi Form formulas are very powerful and highly effective and extremely safe to use.

25 Years in 2015

For our 25th year assisting horse owners, we came up with a list of 25 reasons to switch to Hi Form!

1. Unequaled Quality- using oral grade ingredients (for human use)
2.Synergistic formulas
3.Enhanced Bio-availability
4.25 Years of Research
5.Over 25 years of outstanding Performance
6.100% Science backed
7.100% natural
8. Australian Made and Owned Licensee
9.Genuine Natural Therapy-combining the five nutrient groups.
Organic Herb Extracts, vitamins, amino acids, mineral cell salts
and trace elements
10.Unique World Class formulas
11. 85-95% effective
12.All ingredients listed with TGA
13.Supports immune function
14.Supports digestive health
15.Supports Phase 1 and 2 DeTox
16. Reduces Oxidative Stress
17.Contains Powerful Anti-oxidants
18.Uses the power of Nutrigenomics
19.No colours, flavours or additives
20.No By Products
21.No industrial technical grade minerals used
22.Economical due to low daily dose rates
23.No S4 Poison symbols
24.No Animal Use Only stickers
25.No fish, meat or milk products used


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