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The horse industry is a tight knit community. You can use ‘Horsezone Connect’ to find out if the items you’re browsing are listed by someone connected to you or one of your Facebook friends.

How do I use Horsezone Connect?

It’s really simple. All you have to do is allow Horsezone access to your Facebook friend list. You do this by clicking the Horsezone Connect button and following the prompts from Facebook:

Join up to Horsezone Connect to see if you share any mutual connections with sellers

What is Horsezone Connect?

Using your Facebook friends list, Horsezone Connect helps you buy with more confidence. Horsezone Connect lets you know if you have any common friends with the seller or if it’s someone you already know. If the seller has registered with Horsezone Connect and they are a friend of yours, or you have a friend in common, you will see this displayed on the advertisement just beneath the price details.

How does it work for people browsing the site?

First off you need to register with Horsezone Connect. Then, when you are browsing, Horsezone Connect works by looking at your Facebook friends list and finding mutual connections between you and the seller.

Horsezone Connect does this simply by comparing the unique Facebook ID (provided by Facebook) for each of your friends with the unique ID’s of each of the sellers Facebook friends. If there is a match, meaning you have a friend in common, we will display this on the advertisement for you to see.

How does it work for people selling an item on the site?

When you have listed an item for sale on Horsezone, you will be prompted to join Horsezone Connect. After you agree and a user browsing your advertisement has joined Horsezone Connect, they will see if they have any friends in common with you. That way, they can have confidence you are a reputable seller and the very least, a real human.

The browser will not see your name, only your Horsezone User Name, as is currently the way. The additional information they will see is when they have a friend in common or are friends with you.

Benefits of using Horsezone Connect

  • Greater confidence knowing who you’re buying from.
  • Use your horse network to create new connections.
  • Security in knowing you are buying from a real person.
  • As a seller buyers will have more confidence buying from you


  • What do you share with Horsezone when you join Horsezone Connect?
    • Horsezone connect only requires access to your Facebook friend list
  • What does Horsezone do with your information?
    • We only use your Facebook friends list to help you see if you are connected to the seller
  • Will Horsezone store your friend list?
    • No, we don’t store your friends list for future reference.
  • Can I block Horsezone Connect?
    • Yes, but then you won't know if you have any shared connections.
  • How do I block Horsezone Connect?
  • Does Horsezone sell my information to any 3rd parties?
    • No, our goal is to connect buyers and sellers of horses and equipment.

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