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Published on Thursday, January 25, 2018 in General

The National Breed Touris all about helping Sporthorse Societies, breeders and owners of Australian Sporthorses reach their goals in breeding, performance, competition, with ongoing International professional advice on same, from the visiting International FN Judge/ Classifier.

Trakehners Australia Inc., (TA) and the Trakehner Verband Germany (TV)  work in partnership with the Australian Sports Pony Registry (ASPR), the Independent Pinto Horse Society (IPHS) and the Holsteiner Horse Association of Australia (HHAA) to bring independent classifiers over to Australia from Germany and Europe.

Trakehners Australia Inc., as a member Society of the Trakehner Verband Germany, has the opportunity to bring to Australia each year, one of the Trakehner Verbands’ top Classifiers and FN Judge, to attend to TA Mare and Foal Classifications, as well as assessments. Trakehners Australia Inc., shares this opportunity with other Breed Societies in Australia, who wish to utilize the visiting FN Judge for their own Breed Society horse assessments and classifications.  In forming a cohesive group of Breed Societies involved in a “National Breed Tour”, all Societies benefit, and the result is a positive promotion of each participating Society, their particular breeds’ attributes, and a wonderful collaboration between all the Societies, which undoubtedly showcases the Australian Sporthorse Industry to our European FN Judges and Classifiers.  The added bonus to all, is the comraderie between entrants, shown at each Venue and Stud Stop around Australia in each State, and the discussions that occur between all, toward raising the standards of Australian Sporthorse breeding, with advice from International top Judges.

Participating Societies, recognize the need for their respective members to have the support from an Internationally recognized and accredited FN Judge and International Classifier, to assist in their respective Breed’s development in Australia, to meet World Class standards and be highly competitive in the International Sporthorse market, and at International Events.

Participating Societies are: 

  • Open to all Trakehners Australia Inc (TA) and Trakehner Verband (TV) registered horses, also ALL Thoroughbreds, Arabs and Anglo Arabs for assessment, registrations and Classifications into Studbooks.

  • The Holsteiner Horse Association of Australia (HHAA) – open to all HHAA members for assessment, registrations and Classifications.

  • The Independent Pinto Horse Society (IPHS) – open to all IPHS members for assessments, registrations and Classifications.

  • The Australian Sports Pony Registry (ASPR), - open to all ASPR members for assessments, registrations and Classifications.

  • The ALL BREEDS section is open to all breeds, for assessments in foal, and mature horse led, liberty and ridden classes. 

    ·       All other Warmblood Breeds not eligible for Trakehner or Holsteiner classes, are able to enter into the ALL Breed section, to have their horses formally assessed by our International FN Judge/WB Classifier from Germany.

    ·       Other breeds than WB, are welcome to enter the Tour, ie; Friesians, Standardbreds etc., to have their horse/s assessed in Led/liberty and Ridden Classes that are OPEN Classes.






Each of these participating Societies collaborate together for their members to have independent assessment, classification or evaluation of their horses to help and encourage all owners and breeders reach their goals with ‘unbiased’ professional evaluation of their horses, attended by an International FN Judge.

Horses are individually judged in the arena alone, where they are assessed and scored on conformation and then released for the judging of all 3 paces (walk, trot and canter). All horses have an option of also receiving a score for under saddle and jumping (free or under saddle). These individual scores are then used by the nominated Society for Classification purposes and/or the National Show results.

The Classifiers discuss their scores with each entrant at the end of each evaluation and welcome open discussion/s with the entrant, (this is a wonderful opportunity to ask ANY questions). All entrants receive their evaluation sheet to take home, signed by the FN Judge.


At the end of the Tour, the Societies send prizes out to all winners and place getters. Open Classes also receive winners and place awards.

For the National Breed Tour 2018, the participating Societies are thrilled to have been able to bring to Australia from Europe, a highly regarded International FN Judge, International Classifier of Sporthorses, with 20 years of experience in International Sporthorse Marketing, a highly successful Internationally recognized breeder of top Sporthorses, and Agent for International high-class Sporthorses in Eventing, Dressage and Showjumping

Introducing the International FN Judge and Classifier for the National Breed Tour 2018 -

International Classifier Appointed By the Trakehner Verband, Germany.


Mr. Frank F.W. Weisskirchen


  • Owner/CEO
  • more than 20 years of breeding experience in warmblood breeding, especially Trakehners with significant thoroughbred influence
  • more than 20 years of experience in international horse marketinG
  • successful and internationally recognized breeder of and agent for high-class sport horses for eventing, dressage and show jumping
  • International judge for horse evaluation (Zuchtrichter FN)

“My wife Inge and I took over the stud  which exists for more than 40 years now, from my father in law, Josef Schmelting (breeder of e.g. EXCLUSIV, and the former Reserve Champion EXTRAVAGANT) in the early 2000, breeding Trakehners, Westphalians and Rhinelanders. We then decided to concentrate exclusively on Trakehners, but are still pretty much linked up with all other warmblood breeds in Europe.  I concentrated especially on single-horse carriage driving, may it be as a driver or as a groom (the latter I loved most and did that up to international tournaments). Presently we own two Trakehner stallions namely TABALUGA and FIRST SIGHT, and are responsible for the worldwide marketing of E.H. DISTELZAR, owned by our friend Andrea Wicki from Switzerland, and the young polish bred Trakehner star ADORATOR.”

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