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Published on Tuesday, July 11, 2017 in Stallionzone

By: Trish Joyce/Lals Haven Stud

Oaks Volta: Half price service fee - limited time only - August and September

Spring time at Lals Haven Stud brings many new born foals plus the time to inseminate and hopefully create new babies for the next year. Oaks Volta is expecting quite a few newbies so when they all start to drop photo spamming will occur on the Lals Haven Instagram, Facebook and web pages. 

Wesley has really enjoyed breaking and training the first crop born in 2015. Of course they are far too young to take out but get plenty of handling here at home.

Team Joyce are busting to get Volta on the truck and trek around the country exposing our prized stallion to as many showjumping shows as possible. He is ready and needs the miles, making sure he becomes accustomed to all the zing on jumping courses out and about. We have been very busy constructing our own portable stables, two very sturdy light framed sections hoping we can quickly and easily erect at the events. Of course our long term goal is to have our two top quality performance stallions Cera Ducati and Oaks Volta nicely secured in comfortable spaces feeling safe and relaxed.

We have moved these two fellas next to each other here at home so they become best buddies. By the time Cera Ducati is preforming they should know the drill. Wes has high hopes for both of them, the long wait should finally come to fruition. We shall work on inseminating our Lals Haven broodmares during the months of September and October. We will even try Cera Ducati to see if he takes to the test. There are two mares busting to have a baby with his name tag.

Many say the Mare matters when it comes to breeding a future champion. By this we mean the Dam of the stallion is the mother a well performed horse or does she possess quality lines that have produced performances. Many stallions have amazing sires but how many have the ultimate Sires and Dams?

Team Joyce are proud to announce our two stallions both ooze quality blood and performances in every line! That is why Wes chose them.

Here is a quick glance, proof is in the pudding let us put it in writing.

Oaks Volta (home name - Volta)

With the breeding season fast approaching many people will be searching for a well PERFORMED PROVEN WORTHY SIRE. Volta ticks all those boxes. Oaks Volta 2017 special half price offer must be booked paid for Aug or Sept .Service can be used anytime during the 2017 season.

For more details please visit

Sire – Vivant de Heffnick  / This performance stallion has surpassed many other colts producing progeny jumping in the top level here in Australia. He won the 2009 Australian World Cup League and resulted in the opportunity to travel overseas to compete in the World Cup Final in Geneva 2010 placing 7th individually and then on the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky 2010 where we placed 21st individually and 7th as a team. Just an absolute champion …

He has far too many results to list, yes he was in the London Olympics as well. That is Volta’s father’s career, outstanding to say the least.

Dam – Altes van Beekveld / Wes and I often watched this Dam Altes van Beekveld compete in many Grand Prix and World Cup classes here in Australia never unplaced. Her sire Darco claimed the title ” Worlds best showjumping stallion “, in all Darco sired more than 3000 foals. Darco was the #1 sire of showjumpers for 5 consecutive years (WBFSH) Darco is the #1 sire of having the most offspring competing at GP level.

…her lines Darco, Voltaire, Jalisco B – the perfect mix of flamboyance and steadiness. Volta’s mother a Dam to skite about no wonder he is Grand Prix at aged 6 years, with parents outlined above surely he will one day be a champion to!

Oaks Volta (photo credit: Geoff McLean)

Cera Ducati (home name - Handsome)

There is NOT a weak line in this fella

Sire – Diamant de Semmily  certified ELITE for showjumping, BEST STALLION IN THE WORLD (WBFSH sires rankings 2015 and 2016)

He has already produced over 140 international showjumpers (1.60m)

He is sire of the well-known stallions Diarado, Quickly de Kreisker and Emerald

Diamant de Semilly himself competed successfully at the 1.60m level

He was World Champion in the French team at the WEG in 2002

Dam – Beate (imported in utero Cear Ducati)

Here is a mare that is certainly bred to jump! 

Beate’s Sire Askari competed International 1.60m an amazing competitor

Beate, whose mother is a full sister to Clinton I, Clinton II and Hirtin, the mother of Levisto Z.  Beates oldest siblings are already competitive at 1.60m level

Beate completed her mare testing in Europe gaining 9’s for her character and trainability as well as for her freejumping ability

This highly competitive showjumping dam line has also produced the international showjumpers and /or approved stallions Padua, Sonora La Silla, Poor Boy, Clintus, Daesy, Cliostro, Cantulua, and Zandor Z.

After actually seeing the blood lines running thru the veins of both stallions they are sure to be an obvious choice for you when looking for your next SIRE – STALLIONS AT STUD

To view our prized possessions please visit

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