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Sellers & Buyers Beware of Scammers!

Published on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 in General

When advertising horses, floats or gear for sale, either online or in print, sellers need to be aware that unfortunately there are scammers out there trying to take advantage of advertisers.

Buyers also need to be aware that even though the team at Horsezone is diligent with monitoring the authenticity of listings, some do slip under our radar - always remember if it seems to good to be true it probably is. The golden rule is always speak on the phone to the seller (don't just message) and never transfer money for a horse or item you or a reputable third party have not seen.

**Horsezone Connect and Equine SafePay are brilliant tools for stopping scammers in their tracks! Read more about Horsezone Connect HERE Equine SafePay HERE**



Scam buyers have been contacting advertisers via email or via SMS (this has been on the increase recently - with messages sent from a contact called "WedSMS" so the text message doesn't come through in a regular format). Usually the email or SMS says they want to purchase a horse or other advertised item, they are not debating the price, are asking sellers if they accept PayPal and are then asking for a deposit from the seller.

In addition to this scammers are now requesting that users email them directly to their personal email to essentially eliminate Horsezone from the picture, meaning we can't monitor what is said.

They usually accompany their correspondence with a convoluted story, featuring appalling spelling and grammar, (although recent emails have shown an improvement on wording) about why they are purchasing the horse or item.

A typical inquiry looks a little something like this...

"Hi Seller,Am interested in purchasing this item with no delay,what is the final asking price? and kindly email back to my email below( can get back to you immediately. "

These are not genuine buyers! 

Please cease all contact with them immediately and under no circumstances should a seller ever give a proposed buyer any money. 

If you receive an enquiry from a scam buyer from a Horsezone ad we are unfortunately not able to do anything about banning them.

We have a reliable and efficient method for blocking and banning fraudulent advertisers and are mostly on top of this, but we have no control over dodgy prospective buyers contacting genuine sellers.

We recommend stating in your ad that you will only accept a cheque or bank deposit and the horse or item will not be available for transporting, mailing or collection until the funds have been received and cleared.

Talking to prospective buyers on the phone or if possible in person, is also highly recommended, rather than just via email.

If you want to find out more about scam buyers and what they are doing or report scammers, visit


The team at Horsezone is constantly monitoring all listings uploaded to our site, however, occasionally a scam listing may slip under our radar.

If a horse or item seems too good to be true, eg: is much less expensive than other horses or items of that type and quality, than it could be a scam.

At the moment there seems to be a few float and saddle advertisers who are not legitimate, so please be diligent and view the item and meet the seller in person, wherever possible.

Other suggestions are as follows:

  • Always speak on the phone to the seller, never just text or email.
  • Suggest using Equine SafePay right away, this will quickly deter any false sellers.
  • Always view the item yourself or organise for a reputable third party to do so (eg: get a vet check for a horse, organise for a mechanic to inspect a float)
  • Do not transfer money for an item you or the reputable third party has not seen or send money to -

* someone you haven't met in person or at least spoken to extensively on the phone

* through Western Union or Moneygram

* through wire transfer

* through Paypal unless they are a verified Paypal member or they have a positive online reputation

  • Don't fall for fake protection programs.
  • Horsezone does not provide a "Bill of Sale"

Read more in Horsezone's 'Scam Defence' section.

If you are concerned about a scam buyer or seller, please contact us at immediately. 























ch1966 wrote:
Friday, October 11, 2013
this lisa collins has messaged me wanting my paybal account i told her i didnt have one
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