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Regaining Your Confidence as a Rider

Published on 30.11.2016
Almost every rider has to face fear at one time or another. It is not something to be ashamed of, yet a loss of confidence has many implications as to how well and how safely you ride. Losing your confidence can happen suddenly and unexpectedly or over a long period of time. ...


Why does my horse grind his teeth?

Published on 08.09.2016
In the absence of dental or other health issues, grinding the teeth has to be seen as a conflict behaviour. ...


Tips for Spooky Horses

Published on 08.06.2016
If your horse routinely spooks and shies at novel objects or ones it has seen a hundred times before you are not alone! Spooking or shying is a constant battle for many riders, both professional and amateur worldwide.As a flight animal, the horse is hard-wired to run from danger and to be aware of changes in his environment. ...


Your Horse's First Outing

Published on 28.04.2016
If your training at home has gone to plan so far and your horse is calm, relaxed and obedient, you may be ready to take him to a different environment to test “proof”. ...


About problem horses and personality disorders

Published on 11.12.2015
I’ve just finished teaching a great lesson to a lovely lady who has only recently started having lessons. She said to me today “ so if I stop thinking of my horse like a person and more like a horse who just doesn’t understand me my training will be better? “ Of course I said YES! ...


Training your horse to jump 'scary' jumps

Published on 25.11.2015
Taking your jumper to a horseshow usually means getting the horse exposed to many different colourful and potential fear eliciting stimuli (otherwise known as 'spooky jumps’!). ...


Off the Track: Ethical Re-Training

Published on 27.08.2015
If you are aiming to successfully turn a racehorse into a calm and obedient competition mount, you need to understand exactly why ex-racehorses are often stereotyped as ‘hot-headed’ and ‘hard-to-handle’. ...


It's All About Confidence

Published on 20.08.2015
Are you a nervous rider, a beginner or returning to riding after a break? Would you like to feel more confident in challenging situations, and find ways to manage nervousness and fear? ...


Foundation Training: Arena Exercises

Published on 16.07.2015
Horse lovers worldwide agree that the quality of your horse’s foundational training directly attributes to your success with horses. The development of a strong foundation in horsemanship depends on these four key learning areas: ...


Don’t take it personally, it’s only feedback!

Published on 17.06.2015
In my recent article - available HERE - on horse folks (who the world over are not known for finding common ground), it was observed that in increasing numbers, horse owners and lovers are finding agreement that success with horses is directly linked to the quality of a horse’s Foundation Training. ...


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