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Montana AKA “Clovelly Lady Montana”  
Listing ID: 100500
$ 30,000.00 AUD (NEG)
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Montana AKA “Clovelly Lady Montana” is a super adorable 16hh, 13 y/o Paint X TB mare. Type Montana is super pretty and a very eye-catching type, with her classic bay colouring and and chunky yet athletic build. She is naturally uphill with a super flashy shape to his neck. She is almost like an over-sized pony type, and with her smaller stature, she is the perfect candidate to make an ambitious juniors competitive allrounder mount. Experience Montana is a very experienced event horse having taking her current rider from grade 3 pony club right through to 2* eventing and attending her first Melbourne 3 Day Event. Temperament We have found Montana to be very easy to handle on the ground. She has been very sensible in the paddock for turn out, but also easy-going in the stable/day yards. She can be a little bossy around other horses, but this is really the only marey trait we have noticed and she is still fine eating her food in close proximity of other horses so its really not that bad. To ride, she is very straight-forward and genuine both on the arena, out on the roads and the trails. Although she can be enthusiastic at times, she feels very safe to ride, and we think she would potentially make a great confidence booster for a young rider looking to progress through the eventing ranks. Paces Montana has very good paces with a good active walk with clear over-track, an expressive yet regular trot and an out-of-this-world canter. Super scopey, yet balanced and comfortable with extreme adjustability. Dressage Training Rhythm - Montana can be a little behind the leg when you first hop on, but once she’s warmed up she is quick off the aids and extremely rideable and feels very educated. She is happy to tick along in whatever rhythm you set, and won’t speed off when you soften the reins. She has a good range of collection through to extension and is regular and established within these paces. Suppleness & Contact - We brought Montana back into work after a short spell and she was an absolute dream. It was like she had had no time off. She certainly knows her job and loves to do it. Although her suppleness was never too rusty, she is feeling even better every ride and is very wiling to bend both ways and understands inside leg to outside connection. She is very straightforward in the contact, holding a light but steady feel consistently. Great for a junior looking for a fun, uncomplicated, steady horse to learn dressage on. She is also extremely comfortable to sit trot on so combining this with her steady feel in the hand, she will absolutely make a junior look more advanced than they are as she shows them the ropes. She can get a little low in the frame at times, but is easy enough to bring back up with some clear half-halts. Impulsion & Straightness - Montana understands the half-halt and is obedient when asked to shift her weight from her shoulders onto her hind legs and step through a little quicker behind. She needs a little more strength and fitness to maintain this higher level of engagement for longer periods and be able to push off her hind legs and use her whole body in a big trot with this level of engagement but she certainly has the potential to do so with further training. Laterals - Montana is currently working at around an elementary level on the flat. She has established leg-yield, shoulder-in, counter canter, simple changes etc and is very rideable in these movements. Jumping Montana is very fun to jump. She is extremely careful, with great enthusiasm and technique. She is bold as brass, and absolutely loves to jump. She can get a little keen at times, so will need a half-halt here and there but certainly takes you to a fence with confidence. She is rideable between fences, and has a good range of scope with sharp knees to jump you out of trouble when you need on cross country. She has been jumping a variety of cross country and show jumping fences up to 120cm here with Ben and has been very enjoyable. She has a super sharp back end too and could absolutely make a competitive junior show jumping mount too! Rider Suitability Montana presents a rare opportunity to secure a schoolmaster type that is competitive in all 3 phases. She really is a tidy little package, good looks and movement, an excellent education and super rideable across the board. Montana would be best suited to a competent junior or adult rider looking for a horse to take them up the levels from a grade 4/3 pony club rider right through to potentially higher level eventing. She would make the ideal allrounder to be competitive on in any discipline you choose and would absolutely excel in a pony club environment where she can do a bit of everything. This horse is going to make her new rider unbelievably happy as she just gives you her all, and you truly can’t wipe the smile off your face when you are riding her! Located Nyora, VIC.
Price: $ 30,000.00 AUD (NEG) GST inclusive
Listing ID: 100500
  • Colour:
  • Bay
  • Sex:
  • Mare
  • Mature Height*:
  • 16
  • Discipline:
  • School Master
  • *Estimate for young horses
  • 13
  • Broken:
  • Broken In
  • Rider Level:
  • Novice
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