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AWHA Ltd Classifiers Approve Oaks Volta

Published on Tuesday, June 30, 2015 in Stallionzone

By: Trish Joyce

It seems so long ago when Team Joyce drove to The Oaks to pick up our prize possession Oaks Volta. He was only 6 months of age and it took four of us to basically carry him up the ramp to load him in the last bay beside five other monster sized new friends. Team Joyce had competed at the Australian Showjumping Championships in Dubbo so we thought we may as well drive up higher to pick up Volta instead of using horse transport. The journey home was a very long one we still reminisce that early morning as Wes had driven all through the night. As the sun rose we lowered the ramp Volta’s little head peeped outwards staring at the ramp to walk down. He was such a baby. I will not woffle anymore about  all that but if you wish to read about his arrival and see pictures back then just click here and there are over 17 pages of great stories and pictures good reading for a rainy day http://lalshaven.com.au/category/oaks-volta-updates/

Oaks Volta is now 4 years old Jan 2015 and he is developing into a magnificent handsome stallion. This year is going to be an enormous step for all of us. Wes has patiently waited for this moment to actually load him and take him out to a competition. That we hope will be in August . But for now we wish to share with you another accolade we have had our sights set on since he was only 2 years of age. Team Joyce hope to have Oaks Volta classified with The Australian Warmblood Horse Association Limited. Everything else has been a gamble really why not try and see if he is as appealing to outsiders as he is to us? We are all biased with what we own and hope to reach our dreams, buying Oaks Volta was a huge wager hoping he will jump as good as he looks! So far at home things are going great but will he perform? Taking him to the classification day was another try and see for all of us. This was to be the third time loading on the truck as we had taken him to Tonimbuk for a colt public presentation back in 2013.

Team Joyce presented Oaks Volta at 1pm at the Five Star Agistment property on Sunday 28th June. The Australian Warmblood Horse Association Limited (AWHA) grades the best horses for breeding by means of Classification of mares and Colt Selection followed by Performance Testing of stallions. In the case of future breeding stallions, the selection is very demanding and the standard required is very high. Colt Classification or Selection is the process by which the AWHA grades the best colts for breeding by assessing their conformation, movement, jumping ability followed by Performance Testing. Prior to the classification day all Colts and Stallions to be used for breeding must be DNA typed and must pass a comprehensive veterinary examination for soundness and freedom from hereditary defects.

The Colt Selection Guidelines below provides more information regarding the process of Colt Selection.

  • Colts must have a minimum of four (4) generations of proven breeding
  • Colts must be aged between 2 ½ and 4 years at the time of selection
  • All colts must measure a minimum of 160 cm for Studbook and from 153cm and under 160cm for the Small Warmblood Studbook
  • Stud and numeral brands must be applied prior to classification. Where a colt is micro chipped and not branded, the microchip will need to be verified as active by a veterinarian.
  • The colt must be examined by a qualified veterinary surgeon in accordance with standard examination procedures in conjunction with the AWHA specifications.
  • Colts will be assessed by a panel of four (4) accredited Stallion Classifiers appointed by the Federal Board, plus one classifier appointed by the State Branch, according to standard Colt Selection procedures
  • Warmblood colts, Thoroughbreds and Anglo Arabs must gain a minimum  average score of 70% as per the Classifiers score sheets, with no average mark less than five
  • All progeny conceived after a colt has passed Colt Selection are eligible for registration as the get of an Approved sire, subject to normal registration requirements. Retrospective registrations will be considered.

The Colt Selection Procedure consists of:

  • The Trot Up - Static Assessment (evaluation of type and conformation) - Movement in Hand - Free Movement and Free Jumping

At the conclusion of the classification process and after all scores have been tallied, each colt owner will be advised individually by the panel of classifiers as to whether or not the colt has achieved the required mark to gain Approved status. In Oaks Volta’s instance Team Joyce can proudly advise he passed with flying colours.

Oaks Volta is now a classified stallion with the AWHA

Volta with AWHA Colt Classifiers ( From left : Willy – Geoff – Roz – Silvia)
Wes and I are very pleased

View the video below and listen to the Barastoc-Chat-ski talking about how Oaks Volta performed.

Oaks Volta is proudly sponsored by

Barastoc – Kentucky Equine Research – Horseland – Joint Rejuvenate

If you wish to classify your mare or colt or join the Australian Warmblood Horse Association Limited  www.awha.com.au/

Victorian branch :

Registrar - Silvia Ahamer  02 4884 4143:  awhansw@acenet.com.au

Secretary- Mary Mc Burnie: awhavic_secreg00@yahoo.com.au

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