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Breed of the Moment: The Trakehner Horse

Published on Wednesday, November 2, 2011 in Feature Horses


Trakehner Stallion - Noble Monarch.

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Sire of Moorlands Totillas, Gribaldi, a pure Trakehner stallion
The exquisite Moorlands Totillas
Are you looking for a horse with elegance, beauty and trainability? All these traits are available in a warmblood horse, right here in Australia.  There is no need to compromise. The Trakehner horse is the complete package and is perfect for the Austalian rider! 
The Trakehner Horse is the oldest warmblood breed in the world, dating back to the foundation of the main stud in Trakehnen in Germany in 1732. The origin of the Trakehner horse is the Schwaike East Prussian Horse crossed with English Thoroughbred and Arabian blood. The result is a Pure Breed with great beauty, and legendary soundness, coupled with wonderful movement and great jumping abilitites.
The Trakehner horse has now stamped its mark in all Olympic Disciplines, remaining an outstanding International Sporthorse in its own right as well as a refiner to other Warmblood breeds. Evidence suggests that many of Australia’s top horses have Trakehner in their pedigree already, such as Heath Ryans’ FEI Grand Prix stallion Regardez Moi who is a quarter Trakehner.
The most famous FEI Grand Prix Pure Trakehner Stallion on the international stage today is the legend we all know as Gribaldi. He is not only an FEI Sporthorse in his
own right but also the sire of an equally magnificent stallion, the world's most talented FEI dressage horse Moorlands Totilas.
Young Trakehners in Germany are consistent winners of the Bundeschampionate (championship for young horses) in the eventing class due to their excellent all round talent. Grafenstolz (one such young Trakehner stallion) was the first horse ever to qualify in all 3 disciplines.
The hugely successful event rider William Fox Pitt has chosen to partner himself with Seacookie TSF, a talented Trakehner gelding, and together are heading towards the Olympics.
No matter what your discipline Trakehners are the answer to your future. With importation of pure Trakehner frozen semen from the worlds top stallions and international sales of quality trakehner stallions, foals and mares along with Austalia’s own breeding studs, Trakehners Australia can now offer the Australian market the future progeny they need to match it with the best in the world. Keep your eyes open for some up and coming talent here in Australia flying the “Trakehner elk
horns” for the breed.
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