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NSW Interschools Competitions

Published on Thursday, August 25, 2011 in Sponsored Shows

Equestrian NSW is proud to announce that the next date for the NSW Interschools Championship Competition is 1 – 4 March 2012.

The major change at this competition is that in line with the National policy the classes known as “Showman” will be dropped and replaced with “Showhorse” classes.  Full details of these classes will be available from the Interschools section on the Equestrian NSW website as soon as the information is available. 

The Horsezone patch sponsorship is now in full swing for Eventing Competitions run in NSW.  If Interschool competitors visit and compete in eventing competitions in NSW they are also able to win the patches if they attain the best score from the Interschool competitors in their division of a class.

We ask competitors to nominate their school when they enter the competition.  This will enable us to award a special prize to the school who achieves the most patches in the year before the next NSW Interschools competition.  If some competitors are home schooled that is fine just state that when entering the competition.

The next National Competition for Interschool riders is at Werribee in Victoria 4 – 8 October 2011.

The following NSW riders will represent our state in eventing:

  • Teegan Ashby
  • Eleanor Miller
  • Alice Scomps Goodman
  • Maddison Kidd
  • Isobelle Pye

These riders have indicated that they are able to attend the competition in Victoria, but they are only part of the NSW team.  Others in the ‘first round’ offers can be seen by going to Equestrian NSW Website and then going to “Interschools” First Round Offers.

There is no doubt that the Interschool Competitions are going from strength to strength and Equestrian NSW hopes to be able to announce that the Horsezone initiative in providing patches for winners of competitions throughout the year will soon be taken up by both Dressage, Showjumping and Showhorse.

Queensland is likely to be the host for the next National Interschools Competition in 2012.  Watch the Equestrian National website for more details.

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