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Trakehners Australia Tour with International Trakehner Verband Classifier Matthias Werner

Published on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 in Stallionzone

TRAKEHNERS AUSTRALIA TOUR 2015 - with visiting eminent International Trakehner Verband Classifier – Matthias Werner.

Classification/Grading of Mares, and Registration of Foals.

The Trakehners Australia Tour 2015 for Classification of Mares, and Foal registration with the Trakehner Verband Germany, was highly successful once again.  The Trakehners Australia Committee had been working very hard to raise the funds to once again, bring the Trakehner Verband’s International Classifier Mr. Matthias Werner to Australia, to travel around New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria where Classifications and Foal registrations were required.

The ‘Trakehners Australia Members’ are committed to the breeding of Trakehner Warmbloods in Australia, both Purebreds and Partbreds, and to the ongoing governance of the Trakehner Verband Germany, in regard to Purebred Registrations and Classification/Grading.  This then requires a Classifier to come to Australia to attend the Classification/Grading of Mares, and the Registration of Foals.

The Trakehners Australia Tour 2015 was held in conjunction with the New Zealand Trakehner Association, in our efforts to bring Mr. Werner to the Southern Hemisphere, for our very passionate Trakehner Breeders. 

Matthias Werner travelled to New Zealand, and was immediately warmly welcomed by their New Zealand Trakehner Association Committee and members.  The New Zealand leg of the Tour was very successful with Mares and Foals joining the Trakehner Verband International Community Registration and Studbooks, held at the Trakehner Verband Germany.

Once the New Zealand part of the Tour was finished, Matthias Werner, flew into Sydney Australia, to commence the 3 State Tour.



Day 1

On the FIRST day, Matthias Werner was flown to Coffs Harbor to Grade the Thoroughbred mare “Just Barely xx” of Rebekha Simpson of ‘Ashwood Park Trakehners Stud’ NSW. 

‘Ashwood Park Trakehner Stud’ is dedicated to breeding quality Trakehners.

Rebekha would like to thank Matthias for his time and sharing his knowledge with her.  She also would like to thank Tanya Hosford from Trakehner Australia for all your support and guidance. Also, her driver/therapist, Bev Davis, her wonder groom Kylie Hickson, and the very talented Skye Stevens from Digital dreams photography. Without them this would not have been possible!

“Thankyou to everyone for supporting my dreams! @Ashwood Park Trakehners”.

‘Just Barely xx’ and Rebekha Simpson.

Day 2

The SECOND  Day of the NSW Tour, was held at the “D & J Dierks Advanced Training Centre”, at Arcadia Sydney.

The Dierks Advanced Training Centre is owned and run by Clemens and Judy Dierks (who are very prominent on the Australian Dressage Competitive Scene, both Nationally and Internationally – Clemens as a very sought after Trainer/Instructor and Mentor, and Judy as a Grand Prix Rider and Instructor:- see Bio below) and their very talented and equally accomplished daughter, Daniella Dierks who is one of Australia’s rising Dressage Grand Prix Stars, and in her own right, Trainer/Instructor!.

D & J Dierks Advanced Training Centre – Arcadia.

Immediately upon arrival, Mr. Matthias Werner was greeted warmly by Clemens Dierks in their native language of German! This was a delight for Matthias!.  Judy and Daniella joined in the welcoming of this renowned Trakehner Verband International Classifier, and the Dierks Family went out of their way to show Matthias a wonderful time, showcase ALL the wonderful horses currently in their Training Centre,

ALL of which are very successful in their Dressage Competition, (from Young Horse to FEI Dressage), and especially to attend to the Classification Grading of the Imported Trakehner Verband Registered Filly “Herz Ass W” – currently being trained for the Classification Grading by Daniella Dierks, then to be broken in by Daniella, and start her Dressage Career with Daniella for 2016.

At the Dierks’s Complex were also, Tanya Hosford  (TA Registrar), De’arn Packett (member of the TA), Bianca Knight (member of the TA and official photographer), and Suellen Saals (President of the TA and owner of  imported ‘Herz Ass W’) - there to support the TA and Matthias Werner for this part of the Tour. Also present were John Saals co-owner of Herz Ass W, and Vicki Newham, owner of several of the Horses at the Complex.  Mr. Mitchell Taff was also present, having arrived from overseas, only the night before.

Tanya in her role as TA Registrar, was very impressed with the Dierks family.  She has reported to the TA Committee –

“On arrival at the Dierks Training Centre and being welcomed by Judy and Daniella, I was surprised by their openness, their big smiles and welcoming hug. I was shown around to meet their horses and was very pleasantly surprised that their horses were treated as family members and not horses that were there to be just worked. Both Judy, Daniella and their two wonderful grooms, catered for each horse’s individual personalities to make sure they were happy in ‘mind and soul’. As each horse came out to be worked, the spectators could instantly see, very happy horses enjoying their work!. The two female grooms, were full of smiles whilst they worked. Their admiration of the Dierks’s shined through, as they were treated as respected Team members and part of the family”.

“For myself, Suellen Saals and my husband John, we were very nervous, as our Imported Trakehner Verband Filly was to have her big day, being Classified and Graded by Matthias!  John and I had been overseas late 2014, and had gone to the Trakehner Verband Licencing at Neumunster Germany, an extremely inspiring Event (first time)– which also left us wondering if our ‘imported filly’ would be competitive enough to get good marks into the TV Mare Studbook”. 

“Herz Ass W” at Four Months of age in Austria – Premium TV registered filly.

Bred in Austria by Bernhard and Elisabeth Wimmer of gestuet-riegersburg.com/


Daniella Dierks currently successfully competes our AWHA reg; Australian Bred Stallion ‘Noble Monarch” (of imp. Trakehner Bloodlines) at FEI level Inter 1 Dressage, and is looking forward to competing “Herz Ass W” in her Dressage Career.

Daniella Dierks and Noble Monarch (AWHA reg., Trakehner Stallion/Imp Bloodlines)

Daniella had organized for her very good friend, Mitchell Taff to showcase “Herz Ass W” for her Classification and Grading with Mr. Matthias Werner.

Mitchell had flown in from Quatar (Saudi Arabia) to present “Herz Ass W” for her TV Grading.

He had planned to come to Australia to spend time with Daniella, but at her request, agreed to present our Filly for her Trakehner Verband Mare Grading!.  John and I were in awe of this wonderful offer, as Mitchell is a very accomplished Equine Trainer Internationally, for the Arab Breed.

Mitchell was born in Australia, and for the last 3 years has been working as the Head Trainer for ‘Al Sharqab in Quatar’.

‘Al Sharqab Equestrian Centre’ is a state of the art complex, which caters for around 150 Arabian broodmares and 10 Arabian stallions. The foals are shown up to the age of 2 year olds in Saudia Arabia, and are then transported to a training center in Italy.The ‘Al Shaqab Equestrian Center’ was specifically designed to honor the distinguished classic beauty as well as the treasured and versatile skills, of the Egyptian Arabian breed. Situated in a stunning 980,000 square-metre horseshoe shaped design, Al Shaqab has many distinctive architectural elements. A central water feature, significant green areas and the landmark main arena, create a welcoming environment for both human and equine visitors.

Mitchell really enjoyed presenting “Harz Ass W” to Matthias and found Matthias to be a wealth of knowledge and very helpful. “Herz Ass W” looked amazing! She is jet black and was absolutely stunning to see, in her beautiful bridle.  She was extremely well behaved, if a little in ‘awe’ of all the spectators, but still managed to ‘Wow’ us all with her movement, lovely temperament and good looks!

“Herz Ass W” measured at 16.1 hands, and is obviously still growing.  After finished being broken in, she will have a couple of months spell and will then go back to Daniella to commence her career in Dressage, and Breeding wonderful Pure Trakehner foals from imported Frozen Semen – the first of which will be to ‘Millennium’ FS already imported to Australia.

‘Herz Ass W’ and Mitchell achieved wonderful results, with Matthias giving ‘Premium Status’ Scores to our imported Black Beauty! 

“John and I were over the moon with excitement, as were Daniella, Mitchell, Clemens and Judy and all the spectators!  Everyone present at this Venue were so very excited, as ‘Wimmer’ (‘Herz Ass W’s stable name – due to the Wimmer’s breeding her and being such wonderful advocates for Trakehner Breeding in Australia) will join the Purebred Mares in Australia, for the ongoing breeding of Pure Trakehner Warmbloods here”.

‘Herz Ass W’ and Mitchell Taff

‘Herz Ass W’

‘Herz Ass W’ and Mitchell Taff.

Daniella has a soft spot for the Trakehner! She feels they are very responsive and quicker to respond with ‘elegant lightness’ and also with ‘energy’. The importance is to be able to accept this and channel it!  She considers the Trakehner a beautifully elegant and accomplished breed. It is going to be very exciting to follow Daniella and ‘Herz Ass W’’s Dressage career, for Australian Trakehner Breeders and Lovers.

Thank you to Daniella, Judy and Clemens of C&J Advanced Training Centre (and Mitchell Taff) for everything you have done for Trakehners Australia, your wonderful welcoming of Mr. Matthias Werner, and your continuing support of the Trakehner Warmblood Breed, in Australia.

Mr. Matthias Werner, with Clemens, Judy and Daniella Dierks, and Mitchell Taff.



The Western Australian leg of the 2015 Trakehner Assessment Tour was held over the 20-22 March.  We had fantastic weather for grading horses and some rain in the previous week helped dampen down the dust and brighten up the landscape.

Our assessor, Mr Matthias Werner, arrived in Perth after assessing horses in the Sydney area.

Day 1

On the first morning we went to Heidi Emery’s beautiful property, ‘Hermitage Dressage’, in Swan View to view some warmblood horses, including the imported stallions Sandro Bedo, Skywalker, Latin Lover and Rhodes.  Matthias was very impressed with the quality of warmblood horses that are being brought in to WA.

After a lovely vineyard lunch at Lake Charlotte we headed down to the Swan Valley to the State Equestrian Centre. 

Matthias assessed two stallions, one was Southern Hills Maharaaja, a 3yo colt by the Arabian stallion Cranston Park Khaan out of the TV Studbook 1 graded mare Alexander Park Darude, owned by Barb Sugg.  The second stallion was Shaylen Park Shakil Rafiq by Rivlyn Kaadeer out of Rothlynne Cinnamon, owned by Joshua Higgins.  Both stallions were presented in the indoor arena and gave a wonderful display, both were approve for TA Studbook A.

During the evening a dinner was held for Matthias at ‘Virsa’, The Heritage Indian Cusine in Mundaring.

Southern Hills Maharaaja

Shaylen Park Shakil Rafiq, with Joshua Higgins and Matthias Werner

Day 2

On the second day, six horses were assessed at Alexander Park, hosts for the WA leg of the tour.  Photographer for the horse assessments was Trisha Perry from Sabuny Photographics.

The first horse was Valery, a 24 year old mare by Valuta, out of the Indian Conquest mare Shaman Queen, owned by Sharon Haddock.   Valery was graded for TV Studbook 1.


The second horse was the delightful thoroughbred mare Fly Baby Fly by Medal of Honor from the Sackford mare Tessuti, owned by Chrystie Lewis. Fly Baby Fly was graded for TV Studbook 1.

Fly Baby Fly

The third horse was produced for assessment only, was the grey mare Trackstein Madicen, by Trak (imp) from the Kassiber/Polarschnee mare APH Memel, owned by Alice Swarts.

Trackstein Madicen

The fourth horse was produced for assessment only, was the chestnut mare Trackstein Felicity, by Hirte (imp) from the Polarschnee/Zwion mare APH Frauenschnee, owned by Alice Swarts.

Trackstein Felicity

The fifth horse was Jungle Empire, a grey mare by Second Empire, out of the Jungle Boy mare Relations Joy, owned by Sharon Haddock.   Jungle Empire was graded for TV Studbook 1.

Jungle Empire

And the sixth horse was Aparee, a 24 year old mahogany bay stallion by Benito (imp) our of Ariadne (imp), owned by Sharon Haddock.  Aparee was graded for TA Studbook A.


All horses were approved and the results with be on the Trakehners Australia web site shortly.

We were all treated to high tea in the afternoon at Alexander Park.  Guests included a number of local warmblood breeders and riders, including Lotte Reib, Dolly van Zaane, David Hodby, Diane Lansbury, Alice Swarts, Joshua Higgins, Rebecca Simmonds, Ann Sparrow and Sarah Brideson.   Bec Adams and Gareth Rogan making the trek all the way from Kalgoorlie (6 hour drive)!

During the evening, some of the WA crowd joined Matthias for dinner at the historic Rose and Crown Hotel in Guildford.

Day 3

This was a short day as Matthias had to be at the airport by 11.30am, so we took a quick trip up to the Chittering Valley to have a look at DVZ Warmblood Stud, owned by Dolly van Zaane.  We viewed the very athletic looking stallion Tchaikovsky DvZ and also the lovely foals born this season by this stallion and from IFS.  There were some lovely foals by the Trakehner bred stallions Totilas, Blue Hor Hertug and APH Sydney Australis and other warmblood stallions.


At first light we were up and on our way to Jill Innes Irons property,  to microchip the FIRST foal of the Tour.  Roseherz (affectionately named Rosie) is by Herzensdieb and out of So Lucy XX.  So Lucy was graded into the Trakehner Verband Studbook 1 on the 2014 Tour.  On arrival, Rosies; older full brother, Lowenherz  (Baby) was being ridden by Jill’s daughter Mietta. Baby is now 4 yrs of age, and is the love of Miettas life. It was a joy to watch the soft and kind training of such a talented young rider.

We then turned our attention to young Rosie who is such an outstanding foal. Matthias was very impressed with Roseherz and he is looking forward to seeing her again.

Mietta has done all the training on her own and she proudly competed baby at the D&JWTS and made Trakehners Australia proud by achieving her personal best results with international judges.

Lowenherz with Matthias Werner, ridden by Mietta Innes-Irons



“Lowenherz at DJWTS 2015” ridden by Mietta Innes-Irons

“Lowenherz at DJWTS 2015” ridden by Mietta Innes-Irons

“Lowenherz at DJWTS 2015” ridden by Mietta Innes-Irons

We then went to Warren Shultz property “Gwarryen Trakehners Stud” where 4 mares were presented for the Trakehner Verband Studbook 1. All horses were beautifully presented and it was a joy and pleasure to be welcomed to Warrens property.

Warren also put up his new stallion “Conjor Solaris” who was bred by Carlin Connelly for the Trakehners Australian registration Stallion. It was lovely to see this horse past his classification to be able to receive his registration.

Both Matthias and myself were then treated to a lovely lunch by Warren’s partner Gary, and with the company of a neighbour Maggie, we enjoyed the company and laughter of all.

Later that night Matthias had an open dinner with new and old friends. It was a wonderful to see Matthias happy and enjoying himself.

Conjor Solaris

Aloha Desert Bliss ox

APH Apricot Alice

Sugarloaf Akilina

Tallyho Miami

‘A Letter from Matthias’ – to our ‘Trakehners Australia Breeders and Members’:-

“ I am really happy to see how Trakehners Australia Inc., has developed in the last 4 years. The qualities in the horses are getting better due to successful breeding program.  Also promotion for Trakehners Australia is running very well with wonderful new contacts to promote the Trakehners for the future.

Thank you to all the Breeders, owners and riders for inviting me to inspect their horses, and that the Branch of Hessen is happy that Trakehners Australia is part of us in Germany. Australia has so many passionate breeders and really nice horses.  Every year in the Breeders Report in the Hessen Branch, the Breeders acknowledge how many horses come up every year, and that we have Trakehner friends who share the same passion for our Trakehners in Australia!


It was very nice to meet people who were kind and happy to meet me, with lovely well trained and behaved horses in Coffs Harbour.

It was really nice to see how ‘Herz Ass W’ has matured into a Premium Class Mare.

I was very impressed on meeting the Dierks Family, and watching the training and riding of such quality horses.  I was really interested in how Clemens has built up his business and thoroughly enjoyed talking with him.  I was very thankful to be invited to be part of the Dierks establishment.


It was really nice to come back to see a friendship that I have had since 2007 and also happy and proud tht Sharon Haddock promotes and supports the Trakehners so well.  I was very happy meeting the Warmblood Breeders in WA who have shown me high quality Warmbloods that they have bred or imported.


Proud to have another filly from frozen semen (Herzensdieb) bred by Jill Inns-Irons of high quality and it was so nice to see Lowenherz undersaddle going so softly and kindly.  Mietta is doing a wonderful job with training him.

I am proud to see a Trakehner performing at the D&JWTS that was bred in Australia!  That is the best advertising for Trakehners Australia.

It was really nice to see Mr. Schutz’s passion for the Trakehner horses, and that he is following his idea to promote them in Australia and he is working really hard to build a bigger mare base for the future.

Dictated by ‘Matthias Werner’ March 2015.


Trakehners Australia members are once again thrilled that the Trakehner Verband International Classifier was able to attend to Classifications/Gradings and Foal Registrations for our Trakehner Breeders in Australia.

Trakehners Australia will continue to promote the Trakehner Breed – both Purebred and Partbred, and support those breeders and their horses in the Promotion, Advertisment, Sponsorship and Competition of the Trakehner Breed in Australia.

Our goal, is to continue to foster the continuation of breeding Trakehners “Down Under”, and to assist in accessing the very best Trakehner Verband  Licenced Stallion Frozen Semen, for our Mare owners.

Thank you to ALL our Trakehners Australia members who have raised the money, to bring Mr. Matthias Werner to Australia.

Trakehners Australia Committee.

In a 3 PART SERIES of Trakehners in AUSTRALIA......

The Trakehners Australian committee hope you enjoy the read.



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