Selling a horse or item

Register for a Horsezone Account

Click here to register for a Horsezone Account. To register we need your name, email address, contact number and location details. Here you will choose a username and password which will be required when logging onto Horsezone.

Creating your listing

  • Login to ‘My Horsezone’
  • Select ‘New Listing’ under ‘Listing Cart’
  • Choose the correct category
  • Choose the correct subcategory
  • Follow the below points

Listing Title

Your title will be visible to prospective buyers when they are browsing through search results. Your title provides a small amount of information to buyers about your listing.


Choose 4 disciplines your horse is the most applicable to. By choosing 4 disciplines, you maximise the exposure of your horse to buyers

Horse Details

Age, height, sex, colour and registrations must be accurate. Falsely advertising these details is fraudulent selling.


You can use up to 7,500 characters to write your description. Included in your description may be achievements, training and temperament. Use clear language to convey your message. Dot points are easy to read and write. Use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation where possible.


The price you advertise your horse or item at is important, however it can be hard to accurately pinpoint. Looking at out ‘Recently Sold’ page or searching for similar listings may be helpful, as is using external resources to make an informed decision about a realistic price if you haven’t had any enquiries after a few weeks it is possible that your price is too high.

Photos and videos

Good quality images and video are important.

Tips for photographing your horse:

  • Photograph your horse in full sunlight with the sun behind you. Take an image of your horse front on, from behind and both sides.
  • Take some action shots of your horse that are appropriate to your horses related disciplines. Professional images are allowed as long as they are paid for. Any images that are copyright will be removed.

How to upload your photo on the site

Photos need to be in a jpeg format to upload correctly. Further instruction on uploading your image can be found on the ‘Upload Image’ page.

How to upload your video on the site

Videos must be converted into YouTube clips to upload correctly. Further instruction on uploading your video can be found on the ‘Listing details’ upload page.

Featured Listings

Featured Listings receive 7 times more exposure than regular listings. You can feature your listing during the upload process or upgrade an existing listing.

Urgent listings

Urgent listings are time sensitive and receive prime space on the ‘Urgent Sale’ page. You can mark your listing as urgent during the upload process or upgrade an existing listing.

Edit your listing

1. Log onto your Horsezone account

2. Click ‘My Horsezone’ (top right of red search bar)

3. Click ‘My active listings’ (on the left hand side under ‘My Account’).

4. Choose the listing that you want to edit

5. Click ‘Edit Listing’

6. Select ‘Edit’ to edit text or ‘Edit Images’ to edit photos

Pay for your ad

The checkout page will appear upon completion of your image upload. Payment can be made via credit card or by withdrawal from your Horsezone Account Balance.

Credit Card Payment:

Enter the details requested

Account Balance Payment:

Use the available funds in your Account Balance.
If you don’t have any funds in your Account, select ‘Add to Account Balance’ and upload funds first.

Find your listing

Your listing will appear immediately once your listing has been completed and paid for. You can view your listing by searching for it or clicking on ‘Recently Added Listings’. If you cannot see your listing, please contact support@horsezone.com.au

Maximizing your enquiries

Each enquiry is a potential buyer so answer all enquiries promptly.

Selling safely

Secure your Horsezone account

Only give your Username and Password to trusted parties. Do not share sensitive information in your listing.

Answering enquiries

Do not give away sensitive information to people you do not know.

Closing the deal

Always receive payment before sending to the buyer.

Buying a horse or item

My favourites

You can keep track of listings you are interested in my clicking ‘Add to my Favourites’. These can be viewed later by selecting ‘My Favourites’ within your Horsezone Account.

Set up an email alert

An email alert will advise you when a new listing is placed that if of interest to you. You may set criteria within ‘Email alerts’ and be notified immediately if a listing matches your fields. You may set up multiple Email alerts. To delete, click on ‘My Email Alerts’ and select the red cross to the right of the alert.

Enquiring about a listing on Horsezone

Enquire about a listing via the ‘Make Enquiry’ box at the bottom of the listing or by calling the phone number.

Scam Defence

When advertising online, both sellers and buyers need to be aware that there are scammers posing as buyers and sellers that you may come into contact with.

How to identify Scam Listings

  • The item is priced well below the market value
  • The phone number supplied is incorrect
  • The seller requests a deposit on the item
  • The seller won’t allow you to inspect or pick up the item
  • The seller won’t speak to you over the phone

Check that the registration number for floats, trucks and other vehicles are registered under the name of the individual you are liaising with.

You can check online using the links below

Buyers also need to be aware that even though the team at Horsezone is diligent with monitoring the authenticity of listings, occasionally a listing will slip under our radar. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If you notice a suspect listing contact us at support@horsezone.com.au

Tips for Buyers

  • Always speak to sellers over the phone and arrange a time to view the item in person
  • Do not put a deposit on an item you haven’t seen
  • Do not transfer money until you have inspected the item, or have organised a reputable third party to do so, and are confident that the transaction is legitimate
  • Scam sellers often change their names and emails. A current scam seller to look out for is Sophia Harrison with email nellotiout@hotmail.com

How to identify a Scam Buyer

  • They send you an SMS to contact them via their personal email address (phone number is often an international number)
  • They send through an enquiry to contact them via their personal email address
  • They immediately state that they wish to purchase the item without asking any questions
  • Their spelling and grammar is often not good and they include a long elaborate story as to why they are purchasing the item
  • They insist on using Pay Pal as a method of payment
  • They may send through a fake email from a Pay Pal address stating that the money has been transferred. Check whether the transaction was legitimate by clicking here
  • They request you to transfer money to pay their “shipping agent”
  • They offer to pay you extra to remove the listing from the site

Tips for Sellers

  • Always talk to people in person or over the phone at the very least
  • Beware of cheques as it may take several weeks for your bank to notify you that you that a cheque is fraudulent

This is a list of identified scam buyers

  • markfil009@hotmail.com
  • darrelanderson2009@hotmail.com
  • waynew120@live.com
  • frank_moss@live.com
  • tamarawats300@outlook.com
  • natashawright88@hotmail.com
  • wattseleanor37@gmail.com
  • frankmiller2010@gmail.com
  • peacefulchloe439@gmail.com
  • johnsonreges@gmail.com
  • pertersonjbio@gmail.com
  • mikehenry2pay@gmail.com
  • alex_ink@rediffmail.com
  • gary.wood6519@yahoo.com.au
  • jvanhorn983@gmail.com
  • lyndataylor22@hotmail.com
  • lopezmary378@yahoo.com
  • lixianliu678@gmail.com
  • mandreican@hotmail.com
  • donmary654@gmail.com
  • lucycameron6@outlook.com
  • richbeccy@yahoo.com.au
  • laurataylor590@gmail.com
  • chantellekris37@gmail.com
  • mcowan66@hotmail.com
  • stellawilliams6@aol.com
  • sloganwrap@hotmail.com
  • judihart730@gmail.com
  • christyweb00@outlook.com
  • lifung3@gmail.com
  • mariathomas090@outlook.com
  • mpanally@gmail.com
  • Magerling50@gmail.com
  • tanyajones5@outlook.com
  • pitt.ben624@gmail.com
  • dianasmith10@outlook.com
  • camemills7@outlook.com
  • maggiebrown9491@gmail.com
  • judyk822@hotmail.com
  • triciakey33@hotmail.com
  • tweethaley02@gmail.com
  • allahisgreat111w@gmail.com
  • dlucas8914@gmail.com
  • loveshop262@gmail.com
  • katrinawal9@outlook.com
  • katiewilliams505@outlook.com
  • bettyclarke88@hotmail.com
  • davedass99@outlook.com
  • hannahgibbs0@outlook.com
  • longsam1133@gmail.com
  • henkit262@gmail.com
  • maryperr5@hotmail.com
  • kathleentaylor99@hotmail.com
  • sarajohnson0@hotmail.com
  • ramondjak02@gmail.com
  • nicoletay10@hotmail.com
  • vicwallace20@hotmail.com
  • kyliereed99@hotmail.com
  • gregcampell333@gmail.com
  • steveagnew22@gmail.com
  • davesanton00@hotmail.com
  • lenon8089@gmail.com
  • mariecosta55@hotmail.com
  • campbellmogul007@outlook.com
  • helenkane50@hotmail.com
  • kyliebrett00@outlook.com
  • kathybrown9090@gmail.com
  • michelleklevin1985@gmail.com
  • claresimon40@gmail.com
  • helenbrad99@gmail.com
  • emmabrown1090@gmail.com
  • eschmidt251@gmail.com
  • dscsspine@aol.com
  • godson4.daniel007@gmail.com
  • betafloflo@gmail.com
  • katecosta00@hotmail.com
  • pet4home@hotmail.com
  • rosepets1222@gmail.com
  • terryyoung1113@gmail.com
  • maskhome12@gmail.com
  • petgarden123@hotmail.com
  • jinfanxiana@gmail.com
  • jinfanxia@gmail.com
  • ​​

Horsezone Connect

Increase your online security by linking with Horsezone Connect. Horsezone Connect works by looking at your Facebook friends list and finding mutual connections between you and the seller. Click here to find out more about Horsezone Connect.

Equine SafePay

Inglis Digital and Escrow Service provider Check Vault have partnered to introduce Equine SafePay, Australia and New Zealand's first Online Escrow Service aimed to help customers wanting to buy and sell horses online safely, and to avoid online scammers with confidence.

orsezone.com.au offers Equine SafePAY across the site with the service automatically available for offers over $1,000.

Equine SafePAY is simple:

  1. The buyer makes an offer to purchase
  2. The seller accepts or rejects the offer
  3. If accepted, the buyer then transfers the money into an Escrow account (Perpetual Corporate Trust the escrow agent)
  4. The horse or item is then transferred to the buyer
  5. Once the horse or item arrives, the buyer approves the release of the funds to the seller

You will see Equine SafePay Make an Offer Button near the enquiry box on each listing.

Read more here


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