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Successful Selling Tip: Include Good Quality Photos in Your Listing

Published on Thursday, April 3, 2014 in Feature Horses

This is a lovely type of mare who was reasonably priced and her advertisement included a selection of nice quality photos - she sold very quickly on Horsezone!

When selling a horse, to make your advertisement stand out and catch the eye of potential buyers, it is very important to include at least one top quality photo - more if possible - that really shows off your horse.

If you're out at an event it's definitely worth purchasing flattering professional photos of your horse competing for use in advertising. Please do the right thing and buy these photos off photographers, do not steal them from Facebook or websites. A photo in your ad with 'copyright - do not steal' etc across it does not instill confidence in buyers, nor does it enable people to see your horse clearly. 

If you don't compete or can't get photos of your horse out and about, organise a photo shoot at home, even if it's just with a friend who has a good camera and knows what to look for with positioning of legs at the various gaits and understands that capturing a horse with its ears foward (especially for standing shots), is the most flattering look.

Aim to get a variety of photos that highlight your horse's best points - you can include up to 20 photos in Horsezone ads! 

For ridden horses, a good walk, trot and canter photo is important as well as a standing photo (with and without a rider and saddle).

Try to include at least one photo that shows the horse actually doing its main discipline (eg: showjumping, polocrosse, dressage, western pleasure, showing, campdrafting etc).

For unbroken youngsters, broodmares and other unridden horses, it's a good idea to get some attractive free moving, trotting and cantering photos as well as standing pics.

Also include photos of the sire, dam and siblings if possible and for broodmares, if they were formerly a performance horse, include some photos from when they were being ridden.

Remember to take the background into account when taking photos, a picturesque background can help set your horse off, whereas a bad background can really detract from a nice horse.

Overall, ensure the photos are of good quality (not blurry) and that they show your horse off to advantage and highlight his good points. That said, if there is a scar or other mark/old injury on your horse that buyers should know about, be sure to include a pic of that too.

NB: If you have a great photo in your ad, your horse may be eligible to be chosen as a featured horse in the Horsezone newsletter and/or Facebook page!

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