The pinto is a horse whose dual coloured coat pattern is compromised of white areas combined with another of the basic coat colours common to horses, making each pinto unique.  Pinto horses are also known as piebalds, which are black and white horses, while horses with white and any other colour have been called skewbalds.  One of the most frequently asked question regarding the Pinto is "What is the difference between Pintos and Paints?" Simply put: The Paint Horse, registered by the Australian Paint Horse Association is limited to horses of documented and registered Paint, Quarter horse or Thoroughbred breeding. The difference between the two has little to do with the colour, only the bloodlines.

Most Paints can be dual registered as Pinto's provided they have the correct colour requirements.  Pinto's are made up of all breeds from Miniature Horses, Ponies, Shetland's, Welsh, Arabian, Quarter Horse, Paints, Thoroughbreds and any horse or pony with the required amount of white and another colour is classed as a pinto. The Pinto Horse has been and is still being formed from many other breeds, the only excluded ones being: Appaloosa, Palouse, Heavy Horse or Standardbred ancestry.  Pintos are used for all equestrian events and horse sports.

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Wellbrook Fire and Ice Wellbrook Fire and Ice
Fire and Ice is a 14.1 hand Liver chestnut Tobiano stallion. His sire was Rosebrook Mika (Aust. Stockhorse). His dam...
TAS $750.00 AUD

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