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Talented young stallion Oaks Volta surprises every outing!

Published on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 in Stallionzone

By: Trish Joyce/Lals Haven Warmbloods

Team Joyce ventured to the Port Phillip Showjumping Club Show for one day last weekend. To our amazement Oaks Volta performed well above our expectations. Wes is not so keen on stats and says to me they are just numbers anyone can fudge numbers to make something look good. But when he looks at Volta’s performance card it shocks him to see the points obtained in attending events since they started in a 1.10m class placing2nd on 7th May 2016. He has jumped at 11 showjumping events in 12 months ranging from 1.10m up to 1.40m.

Oaks Volta turned 6 in January 2017 and as many of you who followed the Watch Volta Grow campaign know Team Joyce purchased him as a 6 month old colt. We often reminisce how three people basically carried him as a weanling up the truck ramp travelling from Sydney to South Gippsland. It is an amazing transformation looking back at all the photographs taken of him developing into a fine Warmblood performance stallion standing at stud. Everything is on our web page since 2011 if you wish to go back in time

Oaks Volta at 6 months... and at 6 years.

Volta has produced quite a few Lals Haven young stock, Wes is breaking some of them in now while weaning nine foals from this season alone. Team Joyce are very happy with the array of colts , fillies yearlings geldings and mares running around all possessing Vivant / Darco lines mixed with Daley K & Souvenir. If you want to have a look please visit our web page :

Wes picked him as a foal hoping what he saw would mature into a fine showjumper. “ He has to jump his father Vivant is an International star his mother is by Darco one of the best showjumping stallions in the world  surely he will turn out for me “,I have heard this sentence to many times to count. To come away from each competition chatting about Volta’s performance, placing either 1st 2nd or 3rd there was only two shows where he has been unplaced. Not having rails may I add but a refusal at a glaring looking showjump or seeing something ring side.

You have to see it to believe it

At home Wes has constructed anything and everything he can find hoping that it helps Volta become more aware of what he could be subjected to on course. There is nothing like miles a young horse needs exposure we are very excited for next the season trekking out near and far introducing him to as much as we can. It will be the real tell-tale sign of how far could he really go. Has Oaks Volta got that huge heart , tough spirit and possess a special button inside that say’s I can and want to jump massive heights clean ?

Oaks Volta’s last competition for the year ended on a high. He placed 2nd in the Open 1.20m out of 70 combinations and 1st Open 1.30m. Both classes were on Speed Wes loves the feeling he gets when he is able to turn up short’ cut out or add strides and even slice fences on any angle going slow or fast. It really does not matter what he does Oaks Volta jumps and wants to jump clean.

Oaks Volta (photo credit: Geoff McClean - Gone Riding Media)
(photo credit: Cheryl Hardy)
(photo credit: Cheryl Hardy)


If you wish to watch the 1.20m


If you wish to watch the 1.30m


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