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Third Time Lucky! Young stallion Oaks Volta steps up for 1.30m class

Published on Thursday, November 24, 2016 in Stallionzone

By: Trish Joyce/Lals Haven Warmbloods

It is getting to that time of the year when you look back and go where has time gone? Christmas is just around the corner, Team Joyce would like to take the time to express our  appreciation to all our followers and readers we appreciate all the kind comments on our Facebook page.  Thank you for glancing at our Lals Haven web page it makes all the updating worthwhile and keeps me motivated to post all the Lals Haven / Team Joyce news. Do you remember when we started with ‘ Watch Volta Grow ‘ four and a half years ago?

Wes has his heart set on Oaks Volta our handsome stallion sired by Vivant out of  Altes Van Beekveld who is sired by the famous Darco. We think Volta is showing some great potential. We took the chance and purchased him as a 6 month old foal waiting the long road to see if what you brought works out or not. We even put it everything out there for all to see and many did ‘Watch him Grow'.

We often reminisce as I am sure many of you do about the times when you stick your neck out taking that massive gamble hoping it turns out positively. Well it is still early days but so far Oaks Volta is definitely making us very happy with the long wait.

Volta has ventured out to shows seven times jumping courses up to 1.20m which was last weekend. Team Joyce have supported our local Agricultural Show, Korumburra, for over 40 years. Wes was going as a young boy. Sarah and Tiffany started when they were 2 in the led events. The showjumping section is now run on a separate day to the actual Agricultural show date to help accommodate with many more entries and over two days instead of one. The response to making the change has been a very positive one.

Wes planned to start Volta in the Open 1.10m on the Saturday to give him a good look around and familiarise himself with people standing and watching above you as the footy oval is set down lower it is not all completely flat. To our surprise he was not fazed at all and even placed 3rd out of a strong field of 50 combinations. It was so hot today it reached 28 degrees at last it was feeling like summer.

Here is a great video clip I took of the whole process from the warm up to the first and second rounds again putting it all out there showing you how Oaks Volta is really going.

If you are unable to view the 1.20m video watch it on YouTube HERE

We drove back in on Sunday and he had a jump around the Open 1.20m and came away with 2 fences down. Wes said at both times when he wanted him to put the extra stride in Volta did not really come back therefore having the rails. Today was quite warm again and we gave Volta a sponge down to make him feel more comfortable. He had dried in no time.

The next class was the Open 1.30m. “Let’s give him a run in that”, Wes said.

Was I surprised, oh yes? I did ask Wes are you 100% sure?  I only had to see the look on Wes’s face it said it all. Anyway we had to warm up first because we are a late entry and in they go. Here is the video clip of that round so you can see for yourself how Oaks Volta looked in his very first 1.30m showjumping class as a 5 year old who has been out 7 times in his life!

If you are unable to view the 1.30m video watch it on YouTube HERE
Again 3rd place’ …. Team Joyce were delighted Wes had a massive smile.

He will now have a little break from riding day in and day out’ we have a few mares to put back in foal so Volta will only be doing stud duties for a few weeks with the odd little ride here and there. He certainly does not like to be left doing nothing he loves to be busy. Wes and I are very pleased with our gamble so far. It is still early days and we are not thinking too far ahead of ourselves. But these outings make you feel good inside and excited about what’s ahead. Stay tuned for more updates on Oaks Volta.

Oh here is a great video clip I think you will love taken of LH Velcro an Oaks Volta foal just born. It is definitely one to watch with the sound up! Visit our web site for more pictures and video of our lovely crop of Oaks Volta foals.

If you are unable to view the foal video watch it on YouTube HERE


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