The Miniature Horse is a unique breed and is not to be confused with a Miniature Pony or Shetland Pony. A small, sound, well balanced horse, possessing the conformation characteristics desirable of most breeds. In fact, if there were no size reference, the miniature horse might give the illusion of being a full sized horse.Upon maturity the Miniature Horse must not exceed 34 inches, 8.2 hands or 86 cm in height. In Australia, Miniature Horses are the fastest growing breed as their size, temperament and character endears them to people of all ages and from all walks of life. Miniature Horses are shown in halter, harness classes and performance events including trail and jumping, however, many are simply kept as pets.The Australian Miniature Pony was established as a result of crosses with small Shetland ponies, Fallabella, miniature horses and small ponies. The miniature pony can vary in type from the fine-boned and leggy to the more compact heavy type. Miniature Ponies have a maximum height of 87cm and should look well proportioned. Ideally the animal will simply look like a pony in miniature. Miniature ponies are inquisitive, very intelligent, and have a gentle and affectionate nature. As with Miniature Horses, they make wonderful pets for people of all ages - often people who cannot cope with a 'big' horse anymore, will take to miniatures to satisfy that need for equine companionship. Miniature ponies are ideal as a child's first pony and are well suited to harness work.


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